Digital Art Commissions Info
Hello! I'm a freelance artist creating digital portraits, fantasy illustrations, landscapes, custom scenes and more!
Sketches & Drawings
People and pets, starting at $75 USD
black & white or colored
No background
Fantasy Illustrations
Dnd, OCs, fan art starting at $150 USD
Realistic or Stylized
Simple Background
Photorealistic Portraits
People and pets, starting at $250 USD

High resolution reference required
Simple background
Up to 2 figures
Realistic Portraits
People and pets, starting at $150 USD

Realism or semi realism (depending on the quality of the references provided)
Simple background
Up to 2 figures
Landscapes & Scenery
Real and fictional landscapes
Starting at $150 USD
I hired Margarita to create a photo-realistic composite picture for me. She was wonderful to work with, delivering it quickly and keeping me updated along the way with opportunities for revisions. She captured my moment beautifully and I'll definitely keep her in mind for future projects.
Terms & Conditions
Custom portraits, illustrations, landscapes and scenes
  • Payments via Paypal in USD, unless otherwise specified.
  • Payments can be split in two halves (sketching stage/painting stage).
  • All prices are for reference only; please provide me with a detailed description/photo references and i'll be able to give you a quote.
  • If for some reason I am unable to finish your commission and/or cannot meet an important deadline, i'll give you a full refund.
  • Cancellations from the commissioner won't be refunded.
  • During the painting process I send regular updates and previews via email - feedback is always appreciated.
  • Each rate includes a reasonable amount of free edits (as many edits as necessary in the sketching stage (poses, composition, etc), and then a couple of small edits in the painting stage). If more edits are requested I'll ask for an additional fee.
Rights & Usage
  • I reserve full rights to the image and its distribution and use, unless otherwise specified.
  • I reserve the right to display any commissioned image(s) on any of my websites or my portfolio.
  • The commissioner must not claim my work as theirs.
  • Under no circumstances may the commissioner use commissioned image(s) for commercial or profit purposes, including prints and redistribution of the commissioned image(s).
  • The commissioner may only use artwork that was created specifically for them, and are for the commissioner's personal use only. This includes wallpapers, cropping the image for avatars/icons, printing the image for personal display, etc.
  • For any questions and inquiries please contact me at
All photo and illustrations belong to MARGAW and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
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